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Introduce your students to the joy of math with Beast Academy Online.

Beast Academy Online teaches students how fun math can be while challenging them to master fundamental concepts they’ll need to succeed in the future. With over 15,000 interactive puzzles, games, and other types of problems, Beast Academy Online ensures students are developing higher-order reasoning skills while staying excited and focused in the classroom!

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  • Increase class engagement through our captivating learning resources.
  • Serve students who are looking for more than a traditional curriculum can offer.
  • Easily adapt Beast Academy Online for seamless integration with your classroom.
  • Track your students’ mathematical development with detailed progress reporting.

Beast Academy goes beyond enrichment -- engaging students in unique puzzles and problems to practice mathematical concepts with deep levels of understanding. The Guide books model mathematical thinking from multiple viewpoints, and highlight the importance of student conversation and voice in learning mathematics. The practice problems begin at very accessible levels, then quickly require more complex thinking - going well beyond grade level standards. Our students are motivated to learn challenging mathematics with Beast Academy, and we couldn't be happier with the results.

Kari Pratt, Talent Development Math Coach, Mankato Area Public Schools, MN