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Beast Academy keeps your gifted kids stretched, giving you more time to focus on your whole class.
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98% of teachers say they are satisfied with Beast Academy.
— Results from AoPS’s Educator Experience Report, which surveyed BA customers from 57+ unique schools.
5 stars and teachers
“The students became so excited the first time they were introduced to Beast Academy due to the characters and cartoon format. "We get to do math with comics!!"
Christine Aguilar, Gifted Education Teacher K-5, Albuquerque Public Schools


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9 out of 10 educators believe BA supports the development of their students’ logical reasoning and problem-solving abilities.
9 out of 10 educators believe their students’ problem-solving abilities have improved since starting BA.
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Success Story: Des Moines Public Schools

Increasing advanced math rigor in Iowa’s largest public school district
  • Challenge

    Power up the accelerated math program, grades 2-5

  • Implementation

    11 of the district’s 38 elementary schools piloted the program

  • Impact

    Students who participated in Beast Academy this spring had larger gains on Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) tests than the past fall.

“Beast Academy promotes team-talk and team thinking. That’s not typical in instruction in mathematics. It provides the framework, structure, and motivation for students to learn from each other as well as from the material.”
— Jolene Teske, Supervisor of Gifted and Talented Education
“It’s everything you would want in collaborative learning, and still differentiating for each child even though they’ve been identified as gifted!”
Erin Lamichhane, Gifted Teacher, Alpine School District

Perfect for any classroom structure or learning style! Ask about our product options — Beast Academy Online or the Books-Online pairing.

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Why Beast Academy?

At Beast Academy, we’re creating resilient, confident problem solvers.
Beast Academy virtual learning
Tough but Accessible Challenges

Through productive struggle, elementary students develop the perseverance and problem solving skills to overcome obstacles in school and in life.

Student Ownership of Learning

With problem solving comes creativity, collaboration, and freedom to figure out tough problems in ways that make sense to each student.

Math as a Language

The earlier we introduce students to thought-provoking curriculum, the easier it is to learn and retain. Students develop greater learning capacity each year, compounding their ability for growth.

Deeper Conceptual Understanding

We designed the curriculum we wish we had growing up — one that is truly engaging, rigorous, and comprehensive. It’s focused on higher-order reasoning skills, not drills and memorization.

Teachers & Students Know Us Best

Even my highest students still have to stop and really think about the problems.
Jill Solomon, Director of Studies, Oakwood School
“One of our learners … said it is the first time he's ever been challenged in Math. Another, dyslexic learner, shared how he loves the puzzles and they make so much sense.”
Kathryn Veldhuizen, Head of School, Acton Academy
“One student decided he was a mathematician since he did so well on a particular chapter.”
Julie Miller, Gifted and Talented Teacher, St. Anthony-New Brighton School District
“It may have been the first time he had to work that long on a problem. He was in heaven — and so much pride when it was completed.”*
Lisa Friend-Kalupa, Advanced Learning Specialist, Madison Metropolitan School District
“It builds the confidence of my students but also helps them build grit, and knowing that math isn’t always linear.”
Diana Castellanos, Teacher, Madison Metropolitan School District
“My students are excited to come to math class! The guide books are fun to read, and we love discovering hidden jokes throughout the books. The problems have a nice range of complexity and my students are excited to do the puzzles scattered throughout.”
Jen Gruber, 5th Grade Teacher
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